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Rent a car in Cres and visit as many places as you wish on Cres and Lošinj islands!

Prices starting from 70 eur per day

The best way to get about on Cres and Lošinj is certainly by car.

You'll need a valid driver's licence to rent a car. You get the car with a full tank, and return it with a full tank. For that you will need the necessary information about gas stations on Cres and Lošinj, especially their locations, opening hours, and offer of different kinds of fuels at specific gas station on the archipelago.

Available cars:

  • Peugeot 208

  • Peugeot 308

  • BMW


Booking is confirmed after payment; we accept cash, credit cards and bank transfer

   Starting from 70 eur

    per day


  • Explore the islands in your own time

  • Flexibility

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