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It is our mission to present the best of Cres and Lošinj

Whether you need an organization of tours and holidays, tailor-made arrangements, team building programs and other corporate functions, or simply need to hire a tour or a hiking guide for your clients, Cres Fun & More team assists you both on a professional and creative level.

In-depth local knowledge, cooperation only with reliable partners and facilities, authentic events and programs allow us to provide each client with highly individualized service, directly adapting to their needs. We at Cres Fun & More believe that Cres and Lošinj`s unique and original motifs will leave a long lasting impression on your clients.

Fun tours in small groups are a great way to meet new friends and inspire fond memories of our lovely island. 
Tours are led by local guides who actually live here. Our guides also provide any Cres tourist information and practical advice guests ask for, to help with their travel plans and make sure they have a truly relaxed vacation.

Our tours are designed as a dive into the local experience through food tasting, interesting sights, typical pastimes, relaxation at beautiful places, and interactions with locals. To achieve the best Cres experience, we combine historical sights, local food and the most beautiful locations on Cres. 

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